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    Dementia Care

    Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of progressive symptoms and conditions that affect the brain and memory.

    Conditions grouped under the generalised term “dementia” are caused by abnormal changes to the brain. The brain is made up of billions of neurones (nerve cells) that communicate with each other through chemical signals. If a person has dementia, these neurones are damaged which means that these messages cannot be sent efficiently which in turn effects all functions of the body.

    These effects on the body are often small to start with, but for someone with dementia they can become severe enough to affect daily life. The symptoms that someone with dementia experiences will greatly depend on two primary factors; the parts of the brain that are affected, and the disease that is causing the dementia.

    Dementia care at home

    Whether you just need someone to check on your loved one first thing in the morning and help with personal care or breakfast, or continuouslive-in careto make sure they’re safe during the night, you can be assured that our fully-trained carers will be on hand to help whenever you need them. They can also assist with other areas, such as:  

    • Medication support
    • Helping with mobility
    • Facilitating hobbies, activities, and social interaction
    • Preparing meals and tending to household tasks