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    Our Live-in Care

    We provide constant, round-the-clock care from a dedicated carer who lives with you in your home, offering a needed help at a moment’s notice. We understand that being supported by or looking after a loved one with care needs can often be overwhelming. That’s why our live-in care is centred around your personal needs, routines and preferences. With live-in care from Save Care and Suppport, you and your loved ones can focus on the most important thing of all: spending quality time together.

    Services We Provide

    Live-in care offers you the opportunity to have one of our compassionate, expertly-trained carers live with you in your own home, supporting you at any time of day or night. Not only will your live-in carer be able to provide you with practical and physical care, they can also be a wonderful source of companionship and emotional support. All of our live-in carers are handpicked for their kind, empathetic personalities, and your local care manager will pair you with someone who matches your likes and interests.

    Some reasons why you may need live-in care:

    Advanced Dementia

    If your loved one is living with advanced dementia and is unable to be left alone in their home, a friendly live-in carer offers security and assistance.

    If you have severe physical needs and require constant personal aid around the home, this is something a live-in carer can always help with.
    If you’ve been diagnosed with a progressive or terminal condition and need support managing your symptoms.
    Perhaps you’re prone to regular falls, or are unable to carry out day-to-day tasks around the home. Our carers can assist with mobility and the housework.